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Pushkarna Brahmins and Kendriya Pushkarna Brahmin Sabha

Pushkarna Brahmins have been originally from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan since the 8th century. During British Rule in India Col. Todd wrote History of Rajputana. Unfortunately, he was given some wrong information by some persons having little knowledge that Pushkarnas are OADS who were used to excavate Pushkar lake in Pushkar. After completion of the excavation of the lake work, the King wanted to feed one lac Brahmans. When he could not arrive at the exact number of the Brahmins he distributed sacred thread (Yagyopaveet) to OADS and converted them as Brahmans, who were later known as  Pushkarna Brahmins.

This information of Col. Todd was challenged by Pushkarna Scholars that the Pushkar lake was excavated in the later half of 12th century but Pushkarna Brahmans existed in Jaisalmer since the 8th century. i.e 400 years before that.  Pushkarna Brahmans were available even four centuries before the excavating of Pushkar Lake.

How they could be considered to have originated from Oads of Pushkar Lake.  Shri  Mithalal Vyas, a learned scholar of Jodhpur, has also written a book “ Col. Todd ki bhool ” to condemn the version of col, Todd.  Moreover, there are no pushkarnas found in Pushkar.  Pushkarnas were very talented persons hence they were always very respectable and honorable for other communities and also by the kings of that era.

This Kendriya Pushkarna Brahman Sabha consists of around 500-600 families of pushkarnas, settled in various states of India.

This is a registered body bearing registration No. S/2498/SDM/NW/2016 from NCT of Delhi. The Sabha was established in 1935 by a group of scholars in Multan, now in Pakistan, for the welfare of the Pushkarna Brahmins.  Shri (Pt.)  Hari Prashad Ji Parashar Shastri, a famous Sanskrit scholar of that era,  was unanimously elected the first President of the Sabha.

He continued as President before he left for Layalpur.   The responsibility of the Sabha was shouldered to Shri Vishan Dass ji Purohit, a big landlord of Multan.  After partition, all the pushkarna families were scattered and Shri Karam Narain ji ‘Bhikshuk’, the founder of Shri Serva Shakti Sanatan Dharm Sabha, New Delhi,  was declared as lifetime President of Sabha.

On his demise, Shri Balmukund Ji Acharya was elected as President and thereafter many more remained the President of Kendriya Pushkarna Brahmin Sabha viz. S/Shri Tej Bhan ji Chhambi, M.M. Lal Muchon, Rajinder Kalla and Ashwani Kalla.  After the registration of Sabha, a proper set up of executive members have been constituted, as per the Bye-Laws of the societies,  under which Shri Bhushan Lal Ji Parashar, Chief Patron, Shri Madhav Shastri Acharya, Chairman and  Shri Surinder Mohan Ludra, President are serving the Kendriya Pushkarna Brahmin Sabha along with  their strong and experienced executive members of the sabha including Shri Yashpal Sharma, spokesperson, Shri Khagesh Acharya, General Secretary, Shri Chandra Kant Acharya, Secretary and Shri Jai Gopal Ranga, Treasurer.

The sabha is thankful to our patron Shri Bhagwan Purohit for his contributions in guiding and preparing this website of Kendriya Pushkarna  Brahman Sabha with the help of his grandson Lakshay Sharma.

The Sabha is committed to educate the children of poor pushkarna families and give financial assistance to the deserving families for the marriage of their children. This Sabha is arranging the religious trips for teaching the religious Sanskaras amongst the children.  Sabha is organizing various Anushthaans, Yagyas, Bhajan Sandhya for the welfare of the Pushkarna Biradari.

Sabha is planning to buy a space for the construction of Shri Nath Ji Temple in Delhi.  Shri Nathji is the ISHT  of Pushkarna and Goddess Ushtrvahini is Devi of all the Pushkarnas.