In Memory of Late. Shri Radha Krishan Parasher

Shri R.K Parasher


Shri M.L Parasher (sitting on left, middle row) with Kedar Sharma-2
Shri M.L Parasher (sitting on left, middle row) with Sohrab Modi)

Sh. Radha Krishan Parasher was born in 1915, In Lahore, to Well Placed Parents, Mother Srimati Mohan Bai and Father Sh. Mangat Rai Parasher, a Tehsildaar who rose to be a Deputy Collector.  

With all comforts that money could purchase, he spent a colorful childhood. With his vast and varied experience as a Journalist, with intimate knowledge of the Film Industry, Critic’s Eye and

enviable influence, a most Distinguished Film Journalist of the North, Shri R.K. Parasher was an Institution in himself.

His work was not only commended by the Editors but also attracted the attention of the Producers and Directors, whose films he commented upon. Because of his various activities, accomplishments, and sociable nature, he had become the most popular figure in the Lahore social and literary circles.
In 1935, along with his brother Shri Manohar Lal Parasher, he started Movie Flash, a progressive Film Weekly, and six years later, another Monthly Magazine named Film Pictorial, in Lahore.With Pandit Nehru
He was widely known and respected amongst Celebrities popular in the Film Industry. His readiness to help others had won him many friends and admirers and he remained a benevolent master and a guide to the younger ranks of journalists and aspirants for a screen career. A man of determination, he prized his self-respect. Well built and of an Impressive Personality, he had Highly Social habits and Amiable Manners. With a progressive outlook on life, he had no prejudices against anything. 

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Next to Director Kedar Sharma, he and his brother introduced many artists to the screen, such as – Mumtaz Shanti, Munawar Sultana, Manorama, Geeta Bali, and Director Ramesh Saigal. 
His elder Brother, Sh. Manohar Lal Parasher, Born in 1908, was  L.L.B from Lahore Law College, also used to contribute Features and Film reviews to “The Tribune  and ” The Civil 
and Military Gazette “. He was also the Editor of the Law College Magazine and his contributions also appeared in the “Daily Herald  and ” Muslim Outlook “. By the time he obtained his Law, he had also passed three Hindi examinations of the Punjab University: Rattan, Bhushan, and Prabhakar. Leaving college in 1932, he joined a post in the Punjab Civil Secretariat but continued his interest in journalism and films.
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As a Gen. Sec., he organized the Punjab Cinema Arts Society (The first body of its kind in India) which was patronized, among others, by Sir Sikandar Hyatt Khan (Ex. Governer and Premiere
of Undivided Punjab), Sir. Abdul Kadir, Begum Shahnawaz and joined by all film producers of Bombay and Calcutta. In 1944, he had risen to a Deputy Superintendent’s post with another quick promotion insight but resigned that job to take up an appointment of Chief Controller of Production with Kedar Productions in Bombay on a four figure salary.
His entry into Kedar Production lent a new impetus to work there. ” Shah Jahan, “ Natak “ and ” Dard  were the successful Films produced under him. But three years later he had to relinquish the post, returned Home on health grounds, and start devoting his whole time and mind to Film Pictorial in Lahore.
M.L Parasher
Sh. R. K Parasher was also a Philanthropist who sponsored the higher education of many young students of the Pushkarna Samaaj by providing them with Scholarships. After Partition, The Duo shifted to Delhi and re-established the Magazines, but due to health reasons, could not continue with it. His Grandson Jayant Parasher, who works as a Cinematographer based in Mumbai, is also walking the same Career Path as Him, hence taking forward his legacy in the Film World.
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  • Shri Mukesh parashar ji Jai shri krishna. I am very much pleased to read the life story of Late Shri R.K Parashar which is full of marvelous achievements. Kendriya Pushkarna Brahman sabha is proud of him . I personally pay my homage to our Pushkarna biradari legends Late Shri R.K Parashar and Late Shri M.L. Parashar. Bhagwan purohit O

  • Awesome writing . I am sure your son will follow the foot steps of his Grand dad . He was truly in inspirational figure of his times. May God bless him . My respects to your honourable dad ??

  • Great to know about our Society’s legend. No doubt our “Pushkarna Samaj” has generated many legends in every field. We should know more and more about such legends. मैं केंद्रीय पुष्करणा ब्राह्मण सभा के इस प्रशंसनीय कार्य का ह्रदय से साभार अभिनन्दन और धन्यवाद करता हूँ.

    आचार्य कमल भारद्धाज

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