In Memory of Pt. Sh. Dev Dutt Vyas Ji

Late Pt. Sh. Dev Dutt Vyas Ji

Pt. Sh. Dev Dutt Vyas Ji was an eminent scholar and philanthropist of our Pushkarna Society, Born in the late 1880s in a noble family of Pt. Sh. Radha Krishn Vyas a rich Merchant and Agriculturist. Pt. Dev Dutt Vyas did his Graduation in English from Punjab University Lahore, He was amongst the few who got selected for the Coveted post of Education Officer as Inspector of School, in the early decade of the 1900s, under British administration, covering the Area from Gurgaon to Lahore.

In a short span of life, he achieved many accomplishments, not only nurtured his siblings and his children with modern as well as traditional education, but also helped the Pushkarna Brahmin Samaj for upliftment in education. Our Obeisance to such a pious and noble soul.

Atul Vyas
Great Grand Son

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