Neelkanth Shastri ji – An Omniscient Personality


Neelkanth Shastri ji, the pride of all Pushkarnas and the epitome of knowledge.

Born in 1923 in an ordinary family, this man led an extraordinary life. Facing every possible struggle in life with the support of his brothers, he gained utmost education in the field of Sanskrit, Shastras and Astrology.

Not only this, he was also a very impressive speaker. He even joined RSS as a representative and contributed a lot for its welfare.

Not to forget, he was the coordinator for “Vishav Hindu Parishad” for almost two decades, while also serving as the Head of the Sanskrit department in Hindu College, Sonipat.

He encouraged every willing child to learn, providing free tuitions throughout his life to thousands of bright students. He didn’t only educate them but also gave them a place to live, in his own home, as his own family.

As a life partner, Kanta Sharma supported him in every step of his life.

He received numerous certifications and was recognised by several reputed organisations.

He was a strong believer in God throughout his life.

His life story is best depicted by a poem that Sudhir Gajja, his nephew, dedicated to him. You can find the poem written below:

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